Microbiology Theory Paper

Q1.      Plague is caused by:

a) Yersinia multocida

b) Francisiella tullarrensis

c) Yersinia pestis

d) Yersinia enterocolitica


Q2.      CSF may be stored shortly if the delay in processing is expected at ;0-4 0C

a) -200C

b) 500C

c) 370C

d) Room temperature


Q3       Cocci arranged in groups of four cells are

a) Diplococi

b) Staphylococuss

c) Gaffkya

d) Sarcina

e) Aerococcus


Q4.      Phenol red indicator is used in:

a) MacConkey media

b) Triple sugar iron

c) Urea broth

d) Methyl red


Q5. Currently, the most common mode of  pulmonary Myco.tuberculsosis  transmission is  through;

a) Inhalation

b) ingestion of infected meat

c) contact

d) blood transfusion

Q6. An antibody that reacts with a soluble antigen to give a visible reaction is called :

a) Opsonin

b) Bacteriocin

c) Precipitin

d) Complement

e) Agglutinin


Q7.      Which of the following is/are selective media

a) Blood agar

b) Muller Hinton agar

c) Nutrient broth

d) Nutrient agar

e) Selenite F


8. The following diseases is/are caused by strept.pyogenes;

a) Typhoid fever

b) Plagues

c) Rheumatic fever

d) Food poisoning


Q9. How much blood is needed to prepare 100ml of standard blood agar;

a) 50mls

b) 2ml

c) 5ml

d) 20mls

e) 5 ml


10. Members of the Enterobacteriaceae are ;

a) Gram-Positive

b) Non Lactose Fermentors

c) Nitrate Negative

d) Oxidase negative


Q11. In bacterial meningitis, cerebrospinal fluids have;

a) elevated proteins levels

b) Decreased proteins

c) Low WBC count

d) Low glucose level


Q12. The recommended medium for urine culture is:

a) Urea broth

b) Cystine lactose electrolyte deficient agar (CLED)

c) Triple sugar iron agar tsi

d) Peptone broth

e) Deoxycholate citrate agar



Q13.    The mode of virus reproduction is through;

a) Mitosis

b) replication

c) Double cell division

d) Binarry fission


Q14.Satellite test is used to identify:

a) Haemophilus influenza

b) Clostridium

c) Staphylococus production

d) Clostridium

e) Yersinia


Q15.    Which of the following clostridia are saccharolytic:

a) Clostridium tetani

b) Clostridium Histolyticum

c) Clostridium Perfringenes

d) Clostridium sporogenes

e) Clostridium Tertium



Q16. Which of the following bacterial cells are associated with “Chinese letter”

a) Listeria

b) Brucella

c) Corynebacteria

d) coli

e) Heamophillus influenza


Q17.The resulting effect of combining two drugs for better management of the patients is called?

a) Synergistic effect

b) Pro drug activation

c) Antagononism

d) Autonomous effect


Q18.Neiserria gonorrhoeae is associated with

a) Maltose utilisation test positive

b) Lactose utilisation test positive

c) Sucrose utilisation test positive

d) Fructose utilisation test positive

e) Glucose utilisation test positive