Hematology Theory Paper

1 White cell inclusions include;

a) Anulocytes

b) Drepanopcytes

c) Dohle bodies

d) Toxic Granulations


2 Functions of Red Blood cells include the following:

a) Respiration

b) Production of oxygen

c) Production of Haemoglobin

d) Transportation of Oxygen


3 Each of the corner squares of an improved Neubauer Counting Chamber has the following number of squares;

a) 16

b) 25

c) 20

d) 400


4 Eosinophilia may be due to:

a) Helminths infections

b) Allergic reactions

c) Viral Infections

d) Lymphocytic Leukemia


5 The following blood cells have segmented nuclei;

a) Neutrophil

b) Thrombocyte

c) Erythrocyte

d) Small lymphocyte



6 Normal haemoglobin include;

a) Hb – F

b) Hb- Barts

c) Hb – S

d) Hb –H


7 Defects of blood coagulation factors may be due to;

a) Inflammation

b) Ageing

c) Toxins

d) Excessive consumption of coagulation factors



8 The following cells help in the clotting of blood;

a) Thrombocytes

b) Myelocytes

c) Metamyelocytes

d) Erythrocytes


9 Methods of estimating Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (E.S.R.) include:

a) Coulter counter

b) Wintrobe’s

c) Westergreen

d) Microheamatocrit


10 Reticulocytosis may be seen in ;

a) Sickle cell anaemia

b) Aplastic anaemia

c) Iron Deficiency anaemia

d) Tuberculosis


11 Tests for platelet function include ;

a) Bleeding time test

b) Thrombin time test

c) Prothrombin time test

d) Kaolin and Cephalin clotting time test


12 Coarse orange granules are seen in ;

a) Eosinophil

b) Basophil

c) Neutrophil

d) Myelocyte



13 Which of the following is a white blood cell diluting fluid ;

a) Baar’s fluid

b) Hayerri’s fluid

c) Drabkins

d) Turk’s


14 Schistocytes are associated with the following conditions ;

a) Liver cirrhosis

b) Aplastic Anaemia

c) Iron Deficiency Anaemia

d) Sideroblastic Anaemia

e) Sickle cell anaemia



15 The following are aqueous Romanosky stains ;

a) Field’s

b) Jenner’s

c) Giemsa

d) Leishman’s


16 The following coagulation factors are found in adsorbed plasma ;

a) Factor II

b) Factor X

c) Factor XIII

d) Factor IX

e) Factor VIII


17 The following is a supravital stain ;

a) Romanosky blue

b) Perl’s Prussian blue

c) Brilliant crystal blue

d) Leishman’s stain


18 Which of the following cells may contain nucleoli?

a) Neutrophil

b) Platelets

c) Myeloblasts

d) Basophils