Hematology Theory Paper


1 The organ responsible for the formation of blood at

the mesoblastic phase is:

a) Spleen

b) Bone marrow

c) Lymph tissue

d) The mesenchyme tissue (yolk sac)#


2 The following is a diluting fluid for platelet count:

a) Drabkins solution

b) 0.04 % ammonia

c) Baar’s fluid#

d) 0.1 NHCI


3 The following is an example of a supravital stain for



a) Methyl green

b) Brilliant Cresyl blue#

c) Heller’s stain

d) Methyl red


4 Hb x 100 is the formula for:

a) PCV

b) MCH

c) MCV

d) MCHc#

e) MCD


5 The test for Fibrinogen function is called:

a) Thrombin time

b) Clotting time

c) Bleeding time

d) Osmotic fragility test


6 The following is an enzyme-based anticoagulant:

a) Sodium citrate

b) Ammonium oxalate

c) Heparin:#



7 The best anticoagulant for coagulation studies is:

a) Heparin

b) Sodium citrate#

c) Sodium fluoride



8 Rouleaux formation may be seen in the following


a) Multiple myeloma:#

b) Aplastic anaemia

c) Beta thalassaemia

d) Megaloblastic anaemia


9 The bleeding time test measures:

a) Platelet function

b) Common pathway

c) Intrinsic pathway

fd) Extrinsic pathway


10  A patient’s RBC count = 3.00 million/cmm. If the red

cells are normal

in size and in haemoglobin content, what are the

approximate haemoglobin

and haematocrit values?

a)  9.00 million/cmm, 27.00 million/cmm

B) 6.0 g/dl and 27.0%

C) 9.00g/dl and 27/mm3

D) 9g/dl and 27%#


11 major advantage of automated cell counting as

opposed to manual

cell counting are the following EXCEPT:

a) A smaller sample is required

b) The pipetting is more accurate

c) A greater number of samples are analyzed at a time

d) The reagents cost is expensive#


12 Which of the following parasites can be found in

peripheral blood


a) Trichmonas Vaginalis

b) Trichmonas hominins

c) Microfilaria:#

d) Schistosomes


13 Carboxyhaemoglobin comes about as a result of the

combination of:

a) Hemoglobin and Oxygen

b) Haem and Oxygen

c) Carbon dioxide and Oxygen

d) Carbon monoxide and Hemoglobin#


14 Acquired abnormalities found in WBCs commonly seen

in blood films are:

a) Dohle bodies

b) Howell jolly bodies

c) Barr bodies#

d) Acanthocytes

15 E.S.R. may increase in the following conditions?

a) Sickle cell disease

b) Polycythaemia Vera#

c) Haemoconcentration

d) Tuberculosis


16 A red blood cell which is characterized by tactoid

appearance is:

a) Burr cell

b) Sickle cell

c) Target cell

d) Amato cell


17 Packed cell volume(PCV) results may be used in the

calculation of:

a) RBC#

b) Platelet count

c) Haemoglobin value

d) WBC