Coronavirus Pandemic: The life saving team and their roles

Corona virus updates as of now, shows the number of people who are confirmed to be having the novel corona virus infection is over two million, The reports also show that the number of new cases is also increasing. Our hopes lie in the consistent and persistent efforts of the medical personnel, people recovering and vaccines being underway.

1. Medical Doctors and Clinicians

The general practitioner and pneumologist will be responsible for the prescription of a treatment regimen that will help elevate the patient’s symptoms such as decongestants and breathing exercises to increase airflow into the lungs. they will access patient conditions and recommend if the patient should be on a ventilation machine and when such management means should be stopped.

The clinical officer on the other hand normally has the first contact with the patient. they would record the symptoms and send for relevant tests to confirm or rule out Corona Virus infection.

2. Nurses and Community Health Workers

Nurses and community health workers play a very important role in ensuring that patients feel better by administering the prescribed dosages, cleaning the patients, their surroundings. they are sometimes referred to as caregivers in the medical field.

Other than ensuring that the patients receive their prescribed dosages, nurses record medical histories and symptoms that the corona virus patients are showing, they monitor their health and record any deviations that may cause concern. when the patient is on a ventilator, the nurse will be operating the machine to make sure that it is on its right working conditions

3. Pharmacist

Pharmacists dispense drugs prescribed by the medical doctors and clinicians. they ensure that the patient gets the right dosages; when a patient is discharged but is still on medication, they can counsel them on the importance of pharmacovigilance and how this may impact their rate of recovery.

A pharmacist can also educate other members of the medical team on drug use and prescription as they may have an emergency while not at the hospital. cases of corona virus has been reported to be spontaneous in that they occur where they were not expected and therefore any contacts are subjected to quarantine. in such instances if a health practitioner was nearby, they could act fast to try and elevate the symptoms like difficulty in breathing by administering certain drugs as illustrated by a pharmacist.

4. Medical Laboratory Personnel

Medical Laboratory personnel are specialists in the medical field who obtain patient samples and through a series of tests such as immunological, macroscopic, microscopic and chemical tests, they are able to refute or confirm the doctor’s diagnosis. it is through them that evidence-based treatment is carried out.

In case of a corona virus infection, the medical laboratory personnel takes patient saliva or throat swab and test for the virus microscopically after staining with florescent yes or by the use of rapid test kits which look for the immune components that the body has built while mounting defenses against the virus.

5. Public Health Officers

Public Health officers are responsible for preventing further spread of the disease through various means such as raising awareness, ensuring that everyone adheres to personal safety procedures, overlooking the quarantine protocols so that people who might have come into contact with infected individuals do not transmit the disease unknowingly.

Additionally, they collaborate with the community members and leaders together with the social workers to identify and report any new cases of novel corona virus so that they can be attended to accordingly.

Conclusion On COVID-19 Crisis Fight

The medical field during this crisis if functioning like a body that needs all parts equally. There is, therefore, no section of medical practice personnel who are less important as the people ailing need the laboratory personnel, the doctors, nurses, pharmacist and public health officers in the same capacity even through in different specializations. all of them work to see the one goal through, beating the virus!

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