Clinical Chemistry Theory Paper

1. The most useful test for the diagnosis of acute pancreatitis during the first few days is:-

a) Urinary amylase

b) Serum calcium

c) Urinary lipase

d) Serum Amylase

e) Serum inorganic phosphates


2. Detection of hypochlorhydria in gastric juice analysis include:-

a) Tryptic activity

b) Fatty acids

c) pH above 7.5

d) Presence of carbonic acid

e) Lack of titratable acid


3. Cerebral haemorrhage is usually associated with:-

a)  Increased protein in CSF

b) Lack of protein in CSF

c) Increased amount of CSF

d) Lack of red blood cells in CSF

e) Presence of red blood cells in CSF


4. Volhard’s titration involves the use of the following:-

a) Iron II alum

b) Ammomium thiocyanate

c) Potassium chromate

d) Chromic acid

e) Cyanic acid


5. Occult blood in stool can be detected using:-

a) An osmometer

b) A stethoscope

c) Haemoglobinometer

d) Haematest

e) Ictotest


6. Bile salts lower the surface tension of urine and can be detected using:

a) Glucostix strips

b) Chloroform

c) Sulphur powder

d) Gelatine

e) X-ray paper


7. Bence-jones protein are:-

a) Proteins of light Beta chains

b) Proteins associated with multiple myeloma

c) Not different from general proteins

d) Proteins without peptide bonds

e) Proteins that coagulate at 70°C


8. The reference value of the total protein in CSF is:-

a) 150 – 400 mg/L

b) 15 – 40 mg/L

c) 30 – 80 mg/L

d) 40 – 90 mg/L

e) 50 – 120 mg/L


9. The following substance (s) is/are amphoteric:-

a) Glucose

b) Leucine

c) Urea

d) Uric acid

e) Fatty acid


10. 150mg/dl of glucose is equivalent to:-

a) 4 mmol/L

b) 8.3 mmol/L

c) 5.2 mmol/L

d) 0.4 mmol/L

e) 0.83 mmol/L


11. The development of purple colour with Mercuric Nitrate in the presence of diphenylcarbazone is characteristic of:-

a)  Sulphates

b) Chlorides

c) Oxalates

d) Barium

e) Sodium


12. In Haemolytic Jaundice:-

a)  Indirect serum bilirubin is very high

b) Direct serum bilirubin is very high

c) Both direct and indirect serum bilirubin is high

d) Urobilinogen is not present in the urine

e) Bilirubin is not present in the urine



13. The substrate used for alkaline and acid phosphatases is:-

a)  Starch

b) Phenol

c) Aspartic acid

d) Disodium phenyl phosphate

e) Creatine phosphate


14. The acid found mainly in the nuclei and cytoplasm of animal cells include:-

a)  Deoxyribonucleic acid

b) Lactic acid

c) Hydrochloric acid

d) Phosphoric acid

e) Sulphuric acid


15. Methods used for estimation of blood urea include:-

a) Urastrat

b) Reinhold method

c) Asatoor and king

d) Wallace and diamond technique

e) Van den Bergh reaction


16. A false positive pregnancy test may be observed in patients with:-

a) Hypertension

b) Chorionic carcinoma

c) Testicular carcinoma

d) Severe diarrhea in pregnancy

e) Renal  failure


17. In chromatography, the ratio of distance traveled by solute to that traveled by the solvent front is called:-

a) Rt

b) RF

c) Upward mobility

d) Chromatography ratio

e) Electrophoresis