Clinical Chemistry Theory Paper

  1. The hyperglycemic agent includes:

a) Insulin

b) Glucagon

c) Growth hormone

d) Epinephrine


2. Hydration of creatinine yields:

a) Uric acid

b) Creatine anhydride

c) Creatine

d) Creatine phosphate

e) Creatine kinase


3. Ketone bodies in the urine can be detected by

a) Rothera’s test

b) Azostix

c) Diazotization

d) Chromatography

e) Ehlich’s test


4. The condition which is characterized by glycosuria but no hyperglycaemia is:

a) Diabetes mellitus

b) Hypoglycaemia

c) Ureamia

d) Renal glycosuria

e) Diabetes inspidus


5. The normal concentration of blood glucose oxidase method under random condition is:

a) 80-120mg%

b) 8 – 8.3 mmol/l

c) 80 – 180 mg%

d) 100 – 150 mg%

e) 50 – 150mg%


6. Glucose oxidase method is:

a) Osazone test

b) Fermentation test

c) Phenol reaction test

d) Copper reduction test

e) Colour reaction test


7. Zinc sulphate and sodium hydroxide react to form the following protein precipitants:

a) Zinc sulphate

b) Sodium hydroxide

c) Tungstic acid

d) Zinc hydroxide

e) Barium hydroxide


8. The following are screening methods for reducing substances in the urine

a) Benedict’s qualitative test

b) Glucostix test

c) Biuret test

d) Phenistix test

e) Phenistix test

f) Bromocresol green test


9. Urine preservatives include:

a) Benzyl Benzoate

b) Dilute Hydrochloric acid

c) Glacial acetic acid

d) Sulphuric acid

e) Concentrated hydrochloric acid


10. The following can be used to neutralize concentrated acid that may spill on the floor before washing

a) A weak acid

b) Cold acid

c) A strong acid

d) A weak base

e) Disinfectant


11. Enzymes are:

a) Used to stop chemicals reaction

b) Biological catalysts

c) Protein in nature

d) Not used as disease indicators

e) Never destroyed


12. Distilled deionized water is used for biochemistry analysis

a) Since ordinary water can lyse the cells

b) Since ordinary water has a neutral pH

c) Because ordinary water has ions

d) Distilled, de-ionized water has ions

e) Since it is less expensive and easily available


13. The filter of choice for the determination of serum bilirubin is

a) 710 nm

b) 650 nm

c) 450 nm

d) 540 nm

e) 340 nm


14. Biochemistry blood collecting containers include:

a) Citrated tubes

b) Tubes with clot activators

c) Heparnised tubes

d) EDTA tubes

e) Tubes with beads


15. A colourimeter has the following parts EXCEPT

a) Light bulb

b) Cuvette compartment

c) Atomizer

d) Photocell

e)Compressor pump