Blood transfusion theory paper

  1. A person who possess an Se gene but are of genotype on.

a) Secretes only H substance

b) Secretes A and B substances

c0 )Secretes B and H substances

d) Secretes A, B and H substances

e) Do not secrete A, B and H substances.


2n The following is a/are light chain(s) of an immunoglobulin:

a) Gamma

b) Kappa

c) Delta

d) Lambda

e) Mu



3 The following blood group(s) is/are referred to as “minus – minus” phenotype:

a) Bombay blood group

b) Group O rhesus positive

c) Rhesus negative

d) Rhesus null phenotype

e) Lewis blood group


4 Preservation of blood by freezing is accomplished by:

a) Addition of adenine

b) Using liquid nitrogen

c) Using liquid hydrogen

d) Using absolute alcohol

e) Using glycerol


5 Given the mother’s genotype as OO and the father’s as AB what are the possible phenotypes of their offspring

a) AB

b) A

c) O

d) AO

e) B


6 Which of the following are remedial measures for rouleaux formation.

a) Use of potent antisera

b) Correct incubation time

c) Proper washing of cells

d) Diluting with physiological saline

e) Correct centrifugation.


7 Bacteria commonly isolated from blood stored at 40 c is/are:

a) Streptococcus pyogenes

b) Staphylococcus aureus

c) Pseudomonas flourescens

d) Escherichia coli

e) Klebsiella pneumonial


8  serum is treated with 2 – Mercapto ethanol:

a) antibodies are split

b) IgM antibodies are split

c) FC region of the antibodies is strengthened

d) Makes all immunoglobulins weak

e) Increase agglutination ability of 1gG antibodies




9 Which of the following blood group(s) is/are associated with blood group specific substances:

a) Kell

b) Lewis

c) Lutheran

d) Duffy

e) Kidd


10. Cord cells will react weakly or not at all with:

a) anti – K

b) anti – P

c) anti – I

d) anti – S

e) anti – N


11 The best positive control cells in Rh – D grouping are:

a) RoRz

b) R0R2

c) rr

d) R0r

e) R1R2


12 Paroxysmal cold haemoglobinuria is associated with:-

a) Anti – P

b) Donath landstrainer antibody

) Anti P1

d) Anti Lua

e) Anti luke





13 The following antigens are destroyed by enzymes:

a) Kidd

b) Rhesus

c) Ii

d) Duffy

e) Diego


13 Cells committed by Thymus develop into:

a) Plasma cells

b) Monocytes

c) Committed effector lymphoid cells

d) Activated B cells

e) Activated T cells


14. The following blood system are of little or no use in disputed paternity:

a) ABO

b) Rhesus

c) Lewis

d) MNSs

e) Duffy


15 A false negative indirect coombs test can occur

a) If O positive cells are used in the test

b) By improper washing of cells after incubation

c) If important AHG is used

d) If incubated at 370 c

e) If cells are suspended in saline


16 Weak agglutination with anti A serum is to be expected with blood group:

a) A1

b) A2

c) A2B

d) A1B

e) O


17 Leukocyte poor blood is transfused to:

a) Patients with platelets reaction

b) Patients with leukocyte antibodies

c) Patients with Renal dialysis

d) Leukaemia patients

e) Von-Willebrand’s disease


18 The colouring reagents used for anti B blood grouping sera include:-

a) Trypan blue

b) Acriflavine

c) Tertrazine

d) Azure

e) Methylene blue


19 In erythroblastosis foetalis:

a) Mother’s cells sensitize foetal serum

b) Foetal antibodies sensitize maternal serum

c) Maternal cells sensitize foetal cells

d) Paternal antibodies sensitize foetal cells

e) Maternal antibodies sensitize foetal red blood cells.


20 The chemical(s) added to neutralize the acidity of blood for exchange transfusion is/are:

a) 10% calcium gluconate

b) Sodium chloride

c) 10% calcium chloride

d) Trihydroxymethylaminomethane

e) Magnesium chloride


21 a) Complement pathway activated by antigen-antibody complex is:

a) Classical pathway

b) Alternate pathway

c) Common pathway

d) Embden-Meyerhof pathway

e) Ca++ and Mg++ dependent pathway.


22 Cryoprecipitate:

a) Is a factor VIII concentrate

b) Platelet concentrate

c) Is used for the treatment of haemophiliacs

d) Is a factor VIII concentrate

e) Will not precipitate in cold temperatures


23 Decreased transferase levels in red blood cells may be due to:


b) Universal recipient

c) Universal donor

d) Leukaemia

e) Haemolytic transfusion reaction


24 The purpose of O cells in antibody screening test is to:-

a) Obtain the correct blood group

b) Increase the number of antigens

c) Identify the antibody

d) Avoid interference of ABO antibodies

e) Avoid lysis of cells


25 bSex-linked blood is:

a) Lutheran

b) MNSs

c) Lewis

d) Duffy

e) Xg



26 Anti – E will react with the following red blood cells:

a) R’ry

b) R2R”

c) rr’

d) R0r

e) R0R0