Blood Transfusion Theory Paper

Q1.      Routine pre-transfusion test include:-

a) ABO and Rh typing of the donor

b) Major crossmatch

c) Unnalysis

d) Direct Coombs test

e) Direct antiglobulin test


Q2.      When a blood group system has two or more alleles the system is called:-

a) Ademorphic

b) Dimorphic

c) Heteromorphic

d) Polymorphic

e) Unimorphic


Q3.      Febrile transfusion reaction may be caused by

a) Pyogens

b) Leucocytes antibodies

c) Dextran

d) Sterile saline

e) Micro embolism


Q4.      Recovery of antibodies attached on the red cell is by:-

a) Titration

b) Immunization

c) Elution

d) Direct Coombs test

e) Dissolving



Q5.      Which antibody is frequently used when saliva is tested for secretor status:-

a)b) Anti E

b) Anti-se

c) Anti-D

d) Anti-C

e) Anti-H


Q6.      When the haemolytic disease of the newborn is suspected:-

a) Blood grouping is performed on the baby and the father

b) Blood grouping is performed on the baby and the mother

c) Blood grouping is performed on the father

d) Rhesus grouping is performed on the baby only

e) Coombs test is useful


Q7.      One purpose of accidents reporting in the laboratory is:-

a) Disciplinary action against the employee

b) Dispciplinary action against the employer

c) To ensure that appropriate protective equipment was used

d) To ensure that the victim receives appropriate action

e) To make the workers scared


Q8.      Neutralization test:-

a) Is used to detect leukocyte antibodies

b) Detect immune antibodies

c) Confirm if an individual is a secretor or not

d) Is used in Rhesus blood grouping

e) Is not applicable in disputed paternity or maternity



Q9.      The criteria for choosing a good sera include:-

a) Colour

b) Titre

c) Smell

d) Viscocity

e) Specificity


Q10.    A private waiting room is desirable in a blood donor center because:-

a) It makes donors feel proud

b) Prospective donors may be scared by seeing collection or reactions is some donors

c) It makes prospective donors more courageous

d) It allows donors to observe other hospital activities

e) It provides a good ground for meeting friends


Q11.    The minimum frequency of documenting the temperature of refrigerators, freezer, and water baths is:-

a) Each day of use

b) Weekly

c) Monthly

d) Quarterly

e) Once a year


Q12.    Lectins anti A1  is prepared from

a) Dolichos biflorus

b) Ibris Amara

c) Ulex biflorus

d) Elex ccuropaeus

e) Vicia graminea


Q13.    Which is the most suitable blood for exchange transfusion in cases of HDNB

a) Group O positive

b) Group O negative

c) Group A negative

d) Group B negative

e) Group AB negative


Q14.    If an Rh-negative person has antigen-D in serum, these antibodies could have developed through:-

a) Pregnancy

b) Transfusion

c) Food material

d) Water intake

e) Fasting


Q15.    The recommended crossmatching procedure is:-

a) One-tube method

b) 4 phase method

c) Two-tube method

d) Three-tube method

e) Utilization of O pooled cells