Blood Smear Preparation

The diagnosis of blood parasites involves examination and identification in blood smear preparations as well as the detection of their ...
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Medically Important Flagellates

Flagellates are protozoans of the Mastigophora group. They are unicellular eukaryotes with organelles such nucleus, the kinetoplast, axoneme, and undulating ...
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Bleeding Disorders

A bleeding disorder is a phrase used to describe a condition in which a person experiences excessive bleeding due to ...
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Clinical Chemistry

Liver Functioning Tests: An Extensive Read

The liver is a complex organ situated on the right side of the abdomen weigh about 3 pounds. It has ...
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Jaundice: Types, Causes, Laboratory Diagnosis and Treatment

Jaundice or Icterus is a condition in which the skin, sclera (whites of the eye) and mucous membranes become yellow ...
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Histo- CytoPathology

Tissue Fixation Processes in Histology

Tissue fixation is the prevention of decay or putrefaction of biological tissues through physical or chemical means. It's a process ...
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The process of phagocytosis involves taking the particulate matter into a cell. Different types of cells can phagocytose at times, ...
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Innate immunity: An overview

Innate immunity can be defined as the non-specific immune defences that come in play in case of body invasion by ...
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